Unknown 8mm Bullet

I suspect someone has been playing with a sharpie. I bought this 8X56R (8/1938 headstamp) described as a tracer. I didn’t pay to much attention but on looking at it more closely I suspect its been ‘reloaded’ judging by some markings on the bullet, and the case shape. The violet color on the bullet and its shape threw me though, and was wondering if anyone knows its origins. It has a cannelure, and measures .321 inch. Before throwing it in a kinetic puller I just wondered if anyone knew the bullet origin.

It looks much like a Belgian FN 7.92x57 export bullet.

Think I found it:

I also think it’s a typical FN 7,92x57 tracer bullet. From my observations made post-war about 1949-1951.

I saw these red bullets on 8mm Mauser FN loadings,but the bullet
Diameter for these 8mm Solothurns should be 328 or also known
as Hungarian Manlichers

I think sherryl named the important fact. An FN 7.9 mm bullet will have a diameter close to 8.2 mm, which is measurably less than an Austrian/Hungarian 8 mm S. The same applies to case neck diameter.
The middle cartridge has a significantly different shape at the junction of shoulder and neck, which in my view could indicate that the neck was downsized to hold the smaller diameter bullet.

Thanks. The shoulder is wrong for the 56R, and in person you can see it is not straight, but badly canted to one side. I personally suspect someone used a regular 8mm Mauser to reneck the round.

And with that bullet it would not feed in a rifle and probably not in an MG either. Jack

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