Unknown 8mm help identifying it

I bought 20 or 30 boxes of these about 25 years ago and only know they are 8mm mauser

Can’t really see the base too clearly, but it looks like Czech post-war export ammo to me.

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No boxes with any kind of label or marking?

I used to have two examples of these Czech 7.9mm, one unheadstamped and one heastamped uxa 7, both with zinc? primers, from the information given at the time and in my old collection catalogue states that they were both AP clandestine rounds, for whom or what I never found out.


These were made by Povazske Strojarne during the 1950’s for clandestine export. They were loaded with SmE-type ball bullets.

To build upon what TonyL and Jim have already posted here is a bit more info:

From Wikipedia: Operation Balak was a smuggling operation, during the founding of Israel in 1948, that purchased arms in Europe to avoid various embargoes and boycotts transferring them to the Yishuv Operation Balak lasted three months, during which time tons of arms, ammunition and personnel were airlifted to Israel.

Thank you guys that makes sense as the boxes are unmarked curious as the primers looked to be coated in clay but zinc makes a lot of sense thanks again