Unknown 9 x 19 mm blanc?

Some time ago, this cartridge was found on a regular shooting range from the Dutch police and special units. Together with a lot of other training stuf like FX.
It is a live cartridge, the primer has not been fired. But it’s a strange one.



Does not fit into a normal 9 x 19 mm chamber (see picture. Yes I know the chamer has a crack, thats why the cutaway of it has been made).


Non fired
Non magnetic…
Material overall is brass / metalgliding
Total weight 92.7 grain.
On the inside, the primer, rose-crimped on the picture, is 1.5 mm higher than the bottom, but seems no .22 short or simular.
Case lenght 19mm, totall lenght 25.1mm

In compare, the NP projectile is 7,9 mm diameter at the same hight of the tip of the ‘blanc’, witch is 8,5

Who nows anything about this stranger???

This should be a toy cartridge.

Hi Jaco,

It is a cap firing blow-back cartridge for replica pistols made by Tokyo Marui in Japan.

Here is a previous thread: 9mm what is it




Thanks a lote Fede!
Mystery solved, great this Forum :-)