Unknown 9mm Rifle Round

I have an unknown cartridge. It is one out of a full box. The box was labeled “pour carabine automatique browning”
"Calibre 9 m/m poudre sans fum

I don’t know what it is. I checked “municion.org”, and couldn’t find it there. Waiting impatiently to learn its ID.

balle 1/2 revete…
revetement means jacketed

35 Remington

…so 1/2 revete means “semi jacketed”

I agree wtih Will,35 Remington

JM Browning’s Auto-loader Hunting rifle design, the Model 8 (Remington) was also made in Belgium for marketing in Europe etc, as the "FN Carabine Automatique de Cal.9mm"
The cartridge used was the “.35 Remington” marketed as the "9mm FN Carabine"
Cartridge loads were different from the US Remington-UMC loadings, but functionally interchangeable.
It seems that FN only made the 9mm (.35) version, and not the other (.25,.30 and.32) US Remington versions.

Interesting cartridge and packet.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.

That looks like it guys. Thanks for the help.
PS. Realised to late that I’d posted wrong measurements
Mine are different to the wikipedia ones. Suspect the calipers aren’t right (They added 5mm to the bullet diameter. And there digital, so it wasn’t me).
Worth going back and trying to con rest of box of the boss?

“Worth going back and trying to con rest of box of the boss?”

I believe you will kick yourself later if you do not try.

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