Unknown 9mm

Can anyone tell me anything about the 9mm shown please. H/s ‘UMA 9mm P. A.Knoll’.

That looks to me case for 9 mm P.A. blanks and blank firing pistols, converted crudely to a ball cartridge for use in illegally converted “less than lethal” 9 mm P.A. to fire lethal ammunition. A criminal activity in countries where they have these pistols that can be bought with much less restriction that “real” guns. They are generally very dangerous conversions to use.

If not that, I have no idea. The headstamp is clearly for a 9 mm P.A. caliber blank cartride (9 mm PA Knallpatrone).

John Moss

Thanks John that is really helpful.

What about the headstamp? Is it UMAREX?

Hi Duqjans, I am not sure what you are after, the H/s is in the pic above.

He is asking if the “UMA” headstamp is an abbreviation for the brand Umaraex, which it is.