Unknown 9mm

Hey guys sorry to link to another site, but can anyone ID this IMI 9mm?
Current guesses rang from THV, to BAT from Geco.
Any ideas?

Here ya go Falcon5nz.


Pretty sure it’s South African, but I can’t recall the trade name. Sure Lew or John will fill in the details shortly.

Falcon, this is by New Generation Ammunition in South Africa. These were sold commercially in the US a couple of years ago.

IMI had nothing to do with the cartridge or the design. NGA frequently uses IMI cases. There are a whole series of similar loads with black tips and white tips and blue tips and clear tips. These grew out of some work PMP of South Africa did developing a similar load for the police in Taiwan. Those loads are headstamped NPA and come in six different tip colors.

Thanks guys. 5 days to get a response on TFL. I advised him to post here and when he didn’t I did it on his behalf . Less than an hour later you guys answer. I knew I hung out here for a reason. Thanks again.


I registered there, so I’ll check in periodically. I liked the guy who “helped” by stating that Israeli blue-tip 9mm is incendiary. I wonder what gunshow expert taught him that?

Jon C,

You would be totally suprised to see the “ammo” talk on some of these sites!


It’s never too bad over there, there don’t tend to be that many "I got some 7.62

Isn’t the trade name “Eliminator”?

EOD, You are right. I have a box that calls the round the Eliminator with an 80gr blt. I don’t know what the difference is. Just for fun, here are the Eliminator type rounds in my reference collection. All appear to have copper or nickel plated copper bullets. It is not clear what the various tip colors mean.

The top row are PMP loads, likely all for the government. The six on the right are the contract for Taiwan. I understand that only one of the six was actually delivered to Taiwan. The one without the plastic tip seems to be part of the series that resulted in the Eliminator based on its shape. PMP also produced a number of more traditional THV loads including a tracer and one load in fake W-W 9mm LUGER headstamped cases which were produced by PMP.

The two lower rows are products by NGA. They have various headstamps including AMT, HP and IMI. The headstamp is generally irrelevant on these loads. They are various bullet weights, lengths, shapes, plastic color or some other variation that resulted in their inclusion.

Lew - Regarding your picture of all the RSA plastic cap types, all I can say is - WOW! I have never seen several of those colors, and never even heard of the brown one! Great collection and picture. Thanks for posting.

Here’s a pic of a what a recovered 9mm Sentry projectile looks like after firing into a soft target. Not much deformity, but it creates a decent wound channel with good penetration, similar to a THV, but not as AP capable. The fired projectile’s weight is about 80 grains.

I bought a box of those NGA Sentry rounds several years ago and really wish that I had bought more of it. Mine too were on IMI cases.

Here’s a photo of one of the Sentry bullets that passed through a line of water jugs, and next to it is a Geco Action-1 bullet(a.k.a. BAT, Blitz-Action-Trauma) that I shot into wet newsprint. Both were fired from a 16" barrel, Uzi carbine.