Unknown 9x19 box-perhaps East European


I was adding a box to my collection and found the 25rd box pictured below in my storage box marked East European. The only markings are “41111” on the bottom and “4135” on a flap which covers the cartridges inside the top flap.

I use to use a rubber glue to attach a small tag with a reference number to the box, but that has fallen off so i have no idea where this box is from. The construction is significantly different from either the Yugoslav boxes from the 40s & 50s and from trhe South Africian boxes in my collection.

Any information is appreciated.




The stampings and card stock remind me of some similar Polish Tokarev boxes I have.


Jon, Thanks! That is what I needed, just a hint of the country it may have come from. I checked my Polish files and i have no record of my unknown box under Poland.

Other suggestions are welcome.