Unknown 9x19 Headstamp-Probably FN Contract

Just wanted to pass along new information. I have carried the attached hst as unknown for many years.

It came from a very old Belgian collection and is loaded with a black mE bullet. It is clearly one of a number of rounds I have which have older hsts (FN & AEP) which were loaded, probably in 1941 or 42 with German style mE bullets. It appears FN loaded up a bunch of old cases for some purpose. Perhaps factory guards, Police, whatever, but clearly not for the German military. I have never seen a box of these loads. I have assumed this case was for an FN contract in the Middle East or Perhaps Asia, but have never been able to figure out what the letters were. I know there is one other example of this round that is in Bill Ws collection, which I documented in 1982.

Recently looking at photos of pistol rounds and boxes from a Turkish Crime Lab (almost all destroyed after the 2016 attempted coup) I noticed what appears to be an identical headstamp in a box of Turkish 6.35B cartridges which appear to have all been contract loads. I now believe that this case was a leftover from a 1920s/30s FN contract with Turkey.

Has anyone ever seen this or a similar headstamp on any caliber???

Has anyone seen a box of mixed, mostly Belgian hsts, loaded with black mE bullets???

Can anyone decipher the letters on this headstamp???

Any documentation and/or opinions would be welcome.


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Obviously it is not but somehow it reminds me much of the Greek Powder & Cartridge Company.

Could it be different Greek letters for a trade company maybe?


Hi Lew,

This is a very stylized variant of a monogram representing the letters “FTCI”, standing for “Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Fişekleri İnhisarı” (Republic of Turkey, Cartridges Monopoly). As you mention, this case was likely made by FN, but you can find this monogram in cartridges from other calibers made by SFM as well.

It seems that the bunter was broken or very light in some areas, or maybe the chalk filling is distorting some areas of the actual headstamp. It should look more like this:




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Fede, You are likely correct.

Below from left to rigth are:

My headsrtamp—Your correction of my hst—More common F TC I headstamp, this one by FN.
image image image

I can see the TC and the I but not the F on your corrrection, but in spite of that I agree that the headstamp pictjured above is likely an early version of he F TC I headstamp!

As usual, Well Done!!!

Did you correct my hadstamp or do you have this headstamp on a different cartridge???

Many thanks,

Lew, I edited your headstamp. I have a picture of this headstamp in 6.35 mm Browning as well, but the monogram is very difficult to see. It also looks like an FN product.


Thanks Fede. Your photo of the 6.35B is better than the one I have!

Any comments from anyone else would be appreciated. There must be more of these cartridges out in collections!