Unknown 9x19mm Gauge

I have seen drawings for the gauge pictured below forrom about 20 years. It was once in the collection of Randy Elzea. It was described as “probably” a WWI German gauge.


The characters on the front of the gauge, beginning at 9 O’Clock are," G SW R&C 46" in previous drawings the “46” were not clear. The gauge looks like a typical German 9x19mm gauge.

The 46 seems to be a date and I suspect this isn’t a German gauge at all.

Can anyone provide any information or thoughts on this gauge???

Does anyone have examples of German 9x19mm chamber gauges from the 1920s or earlier???


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Lew - Is that a typo in the title (9 x 10 mm) or is that gauge actually only ten mm long? In the photo, it looks longer, judging from the diameter of it.

John M.


Is that an " o " inside the " C "?

Possibly standing for " R&Co " instead of " R&C "?


Thanks! I shouldn’t come downstairs just before I head to bed, and after two glasses of wine.

No matter how I look at it, it looks like a small backwards “c” inside the bigger “C”.

Frankly, this looks British to me since the British apparently use free hand tools to mark some of their gauges like the two below. On the other hand, all the British gauges I have seen include the bullet ogive like the one shown below, while this R&C gauge is very similar to the normal German gauges.


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