Unknown 9x19mm---ID help needed

An image of these two rounds was sent to me from Europe. The JAG headstamps make me believe they are probably US loads.

The green tip looks something like an Extreme Shock load but the matching orange tip is totally new to me.

Has anyone seen these?

Who makes them!!!

All help appreciated.




From the “Box O’ Truth” test site; 85gr Extreme Shock ‘Air Freedom’

Green tip is prob their “CT2” bullet; different/cheaper core material.

The orange coloured cartridges are similar to rounds produced with DAG headstamp and used by Nederlands Police.

the NP round has NO breakup slits, nor does the orange front has such. The NP front is smooth.

The cases are Jagemann. Probably bought as unprimed cases.

I have both these rounds in my own collection. The green tip round is identical in all respects - same headstamp, bullet, case and nickel primer. I also have one of the green tip cartridges with a brass primer and loaded in a WIN 9 mm LUGER case. The orange tip round is identical as well, with brass primer like the one shown, but the headstamp is dated: JAG 9MM 11

This would indicate tome that they were made a number of years ago.

There is also an orange tip round, close in design to the one in question, but with more exposed plastic and a hole in the tip. It is loaded in a nickel case with headstamp EXT SHK 9MM LUGER. It has a nickel primer.

The two Lew shows are both entered in my collection as being by Extreme Shok, but I don’t have the box labels for either.

John Moss

They are not Extreme Shock “Air Freedom” and “CT2” loads but “PowerStrike” Frangible 90 gr (green) “OneStrike” Frangible 70 gr (orange) made by Allegiance, Inc., who continued with most of the Extreme Shock product line since 2011. To my knowledge, Extreme Shock never used Jagemann brass.*

Both the “PowerStrike” and “OneStrike” projectiles may vary in construction, so be advised that not all boxes contain cartridges looking exactly like those in the picture.



*I have to correct myself, because in the Extreme Shock 2011 catalog they state: “… Extreme Shock has partnered with Jagermann a USA company TS 16949 and ISO compliant”, so I would say that these could also be late Extreme Shock loads.