Unknown 9x19mm pressure test rounds


These four loads all have the same characteristics. They are original loads from the four manufacturers with the correct bullets, primers and primer seals. All have had a small hole drilled through the side of the case and into the bullet just below the case mouth. I suspect this is an alignment hole where a pin is inserted to ensure the pressure test holes are properly alighed with the test ports. Each round had two test holes, one on the opposite the alighment hole and a smaller test hold 90 degrees to the right of the large test hold. The cartridge on the right illustrates the small test hole. Note that they all have a scored line on the case head for rough alighment.

This appears to be a group of specimens made by a lab to test commercial ammunition from four manufacturers. I have quite a number of pressure test cartridges, but these are the only ones with TWO test holes and which use an alignment hole near the case mouth. I hope these distinctive characteristics will allow someone to identify the lab or at least the country where these rounds were modified for pressure testing.


4 Unk pressure test rounds

4 Unk pressure test rounds-hsts