Unknown 9x22R cartridge

Could someone ID this cartridge? I think it some kind of czech cattle killer ctg, but i’m not 100% sure

Thanks in advance,

Vince - I don’t know what it is. The only comment I can make is that the very heavy 6-stab primer crimp seen on some Czech cartridges are usually on blanks and proof loads, rather than ball loads. I have examples of both, but don’t off hand (and I can say it is impoosible that I do) recall having any auto pistol load with this primer crimp other than proofs and blanks.

John Moss

Might it be 9mm Japanese Revolver? I don’t have a round in that calibre to compare it to, but it looks like it would be close to it.

All of those crimps imply some heavy pressure. The Japanese revolver wouldn’t need that.

The rim seems too thick to be for the Japanese Revolver. M. Rea

There is nothing on that cartridge that says “Japanese 9mm Revolver.” The rim is way too thick - the 9mm Japanese round has one of the thinnest rims, I think, ever put on a Revolver round. The bullet ogive is wrong and even the primer cup looks wrong, not to mention the case finish or whatever that is. I have never seen a Japanese round with those six square crimps, which are absolutely typically Czech. The only ball rounds I have seen with similar crimping at the primer are the two variations of Cambodian 9mm I have, made at Stung Chral, and that factory and machinery was provided by the Czechs. All other Czech rounds I have with this crimping are blanks or proof loads.

It seems odd that they would crimp the blanks this way. Could they be reloaded proof cases ?

I believe there was some discussion, and a pic or two, of this round a few years ago in the IAA magazine. I’m not sure if it was resolved.