Unknown aluminium case blank (looks like 7.92 Kurz)


I recently acquired two strange aluminium cased blanks. They are externally similar to 7.92 Kurz, with identical base dimensions. However, they are over 1mm shorter and the neck is 1mm wider than a 7.92 Kurz round. They have no headstamp of any kind.

They are sealed with lacquered cork at the bottom of the neck, and the tops of the case mouths are rounded over slightly. The primers are a non-ferrous metal with a silver coloured plating, They are sealed with black annulus. These have a distinctly French look about them. Sorry I can’t post pictures yet as I haven’t got round to signing up for photobucket.

Does anyone have any idea what these are?

Thanks in advance for any info.


They sound like French .45ACP “ARF” movie blanks.


Jon is correct. They are movie blanks, .45 ACP caliber, made in France, probably by Gevelot and made for the company Régie Film. This is based on the known origin of a headstamped specimen, “ARF 73” made by Gevelot S.A., Issy-les-Moulineaux. The headstamp stands for “Alexandre-Régie-Film” with the first name that of M. Alexandre, the President of the firm.

I know of four variations of these. Three are basically as you descirbe, two with no headstmap and one headstamp “ARF 73” as noted above. One of the unheadstmap variations has a black primer seal, as does the “ARF” round, while one has no primer seal. There are variationos in the diameter of the mouth opening. A fourth variation has no primer seal, and has more of a cone- shaped mouth similare in shape to the U.S. M9 .45 Auto Blank. All four have nikeled-cup primers, and all four are of similar overall-length.

John Moss


Thanks for the ID, I thought they would probably be something fairly ordinary.


These were around in some quantity in the USA about twenty years ago. You don’t see them all that much anymore here. Like a lot of things, one day these will be hard to find anywhere, I would suspect. I would class them as “uncommon but not monetarily valuable” at this time. Still, they are very interesting as far as I am concerned, and a nice addition to any pistol cartridge collection. What difference does it make if they ARE ordinary? A collection of nothing but rarities doesn’t tell much about the history of any given type of cartridges - generally, it only tells you about the ones that failed! Its nice to have some, as they ARE part of the story, but you need the ordinary ones too.

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Were all of these made by Gevelot?


45ACP movie blanks


Falcon - as far as I know, they were all made at Gevelot. If anyone else has other information, please post it here. However, the primers, primer seating, and the fact they are all aluminum case leads to the conclusion that they were all made at the same factory.

Now, that is not to say that the movie companies in France didn’t use any other type of blank. I have a couple of other variants of French .45 blank, as I recall, made from normal cases, and lots of vairations of movie blanks from France in 9 mm, some even made on German WWII steel cases.

PierreJean - thanks for posting a picture of the box. I think I have that box in my collection, or similar ones in 9 mm, but I am not the best at getting pictures made and posted. It really rounds out the thread very nicely.

John Moss


Another .45 ACP box to further round out the thread. These have the box headstamp, a cork topwad held by the shoulder & a black annulus.
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That case looks rather like the light-alloy cased .45 ACP shot load by CCI in my collection.


It does appear as somewhat the same shape but the case walls on these blanks are thicker and the mouth opening is not as wide.