Unknown ammo clip (to me)

Does anyone have an idea to what this clip belongst to? Or other info?



Only Possibility I can think of is the PTRS Clip for the Russian Anti Tank rifle, or something similar. (three shot variety)

Unless it is a 5 shot version ( for hunting) of the US M1 Garand, new made clip.
There is nothing to compare it to for size…the measurements mean little to me on the photos, except to give a general idea of size.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.

I’m slightly dubious about it being a cartridge clip at all.

If it is, then how are the cartridges kept from falling out of the open end? Most Mannlicher type clips, including the ones for the Garand, have curved ends to retain the cartridges.

See the chunky clip for the Soviet PTRS anti-tank rifle, shown next to an Enfield 0,303" charger for scale.

I’d be happy to be proven wrong.


Thanks for that excellent Pic of a proper PTRS clip…I had not seen a real one before ( only drawings in Russian texts).
And the comment about the lack of “fold over” at one end, makes me look at another Possibility, a “loading device” for Pistol magazines ( or even the AK magazine…to force in those last few cartridges…could this be a solution???

The Garand 5 shot is also out, as there is no clip latch detent in the sides, nor the proper longitudinla ribs to guit it into the Action.

It remains a Mystery…Gun related it certainly is, from the surface finish…but what and which gun???

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.

[quote=“DocAV”]Thanks for that excellent Pic of a proper PTRS clip…I had not seen a real one before ( only drawings in Russian texts).

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.[/quote]

I have two of these clips, one apparently unmarked but they might be hidden under a fairly heavy black lacquered finish, the other has markings that lead me to believe it was made in Czechoslovakia, post 1945. They’re certainly not common. In turn, I’ve never seen any printed reference to them. Would it be possible to show an illustration here?

I’m still not certain about the apparent clip. The end with the rolled edges has an extension on the base that would preclude feeding from that end if it was an en-bloc clip. The other end has no way of retaining the cartridges for storage or for guiding them during the loading cycle.

Magazine loaders usually have some way of positively locating them over the feed lips of the magazine. Looking at the thing I can’t see anything like that. Put the ‘open’ end over the magazine and you have to force your thumb between the inturned edges. Used the other way round, there is no way of positively locating it on a magazine.

Intriguing… get your thinking caps on folks !


Might it possibly be a magazine-well liner for a rifle with a blind box magazine? If the square tab on one end was attached to a floorplate, the angled end would likely squeeze the nose of any rounds travelling through it together to point into a feed ramp.

If it’s post-war Czech, then maybe it is an adapter of sorts for 7.62x39 ammo to be used in mags meant for 7.62x45 Czech ammo?

What about it actually being some sort of mag opening protector…kind of like the rubber mag covers that the M1 Carbine mags and BAR mags used?

Slips over the top of a loaded mag of some sort to keep dirt and debris from getting in???

The mags for the VZ-52 work fine in the VZ-52/57. No alterations are needed.