Unknown Ammo


You guys really helped me with the 45-70 question.

Want to try two more?

These are center fire, rimmed, with no head stamp. The rim is tapered like the 7.62x57R except thar these taper almost to a sharp edge. Both have semi flat lead bullet.

The first has a 0.534" rim, 1.77" case length, 2.287" OAL, straight taper, 0.372 bullet. It looks like a 38-40 Remington-Hepburn or a 38-35 Stevens or 38 Bullard but I don’t have any dimensions for those.
Second is a tapered case with a very long shoulder and a long neck. The rim is 0.524", 1.842" case length, 2.247" OAL, 0.308 bullet. The case dia. at the base is 0.455", slight taper for a dist of 0.78", a sharper taper for a dist of 0.45", then a neck, 0.333" and 0.46 long.


Steve Wagner


#1 = 38-40 Remington

#2 = 32-40 Bullard




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