Unknown ammunition

What is this ammunition?
Diameter of the ball: 11.7 mm
Overall length: 39.7 mm
Thank you in advance.

Looks like a combustible “skin” cartridge for a 44 Colt M1860.

Early Colt Thuer?

Hi Jon
The Thuer was a metallic cartridge, and it was also reloadable

Vickers 59,
I think Orange has called it, It would have been made by several makers, and perhaps by the bullet shape & how it was wrapped & such someone might be able to identify it further.

I just saw 1 Thuer cartridge at a show (was not for sale), it was all metallic, had a primer, and looked quite different from this picture.

It’s a .44 Colt Army Johnston & Dow’s waterproof combustible cartridge (collodion covered, treated textile material). Total length may vary considerably, and some of the longest examples have been indentified as being for the Remington revolver, but as far as I know all came from packets labeled “For Colt’s Army Revolvers”.

Thank you for all those informations.