Unknown APFSDS penetrator (for real this time!)


Hello everyone!
This time it is actually an APFSDS penetrator and not flechettes! I have also posted this on the BOCN so hopefully between the 2 I can get an ID. Due to size I believe it is for a 105mm round or smaller.

Here is some info on it:
-Pictured between 105mm M735 and 120mm M865 penetrators
-Seems to be made of a Steel or Tungsten alloy, heavy and slightly magnetic.
-Locking rings protrude out of the main body instead of being machine into the body
-Missing fins and ballistic cap
Weight: 7lbs 6oz
Width: 23mm on the main body, 27mm around the locking rings
Length: 14 3/4 cm
Markings: “178” on the base

I apologize for the poor quality pictures. Dont currently have a decent camera so using my cellphone.


Piece has been ID’d as an 105mm M774.