Unknown APFSDS

I have had this round for a couple years now and have always wondered what round it was and hopefully be awesome to get some history on it. All the information I have on it was that the guy I bought it from had a friend who was a tanker in the Korean, but who knows how accurate any of that is.

Since I am new member I could only put one photo, so here is the second one. The ar was used for comparison for some friends it is milspec m4 fully collapsed.

I know the M900 APFSDS used this steel case, so did M456 HEAT-T, but I can’t speak for whether your round is an M900 or not.

Plenty of “big bore” collectors that hopefully can chime in.


I think that all tank rounds used during the Korean war were brass cased, but I could be wrong. It is a 105mm service round since the projectile and wind shield are black. I don’t know how anyone could have gotten ahold of an M900 since I believe the projectile is DU and they are very controlled. Someone could have a lot of explaining to do if the wrong person sees the photo. It is an electric primer and will only take about 10 volts to put it off. Dangerous to have laying around. Can you provide data off base of case I cannot read well enoughto make a good call.

Very nice!

This is a US M735 APFSDS-T round. It is in the correct M148A1B1 case, but has the wrong primer. The M735 used an ELEC M120 primer. The M148A1B1 case is used for numerous tank rounds that use the M68 gun system. Very nice! The M735 has a tungsten cored sub-projectile.



As for more info off the base, I can hardly read it my self. I was going to get some KROIL today after work and see if I can gently remove most of the rust. Also I know for a fact that it inernt or DU, as my father works on a naval base and brought it to the munitions people there to check to make sure it is all safe and legal. If I can get the rust off and read more of it tonight I will post more info, these big bore rounds are a thousand times more fascinating then I would have though.

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To add to Jason’s post, above, here is an excerpt from an excellent article he wrote for the IAA Journal on APFSDS-T ammunition for tanks; US Tank-fired APFSDS-T Ammunition, Part One - 105mm, Jason Abels, IAA Journal, Issue 464, Nov.-Dec. 2008, pp 4-9.



I might have to find that journal and do some reading too when I get home.




Thank you, I look forwards to reading up on this

Jason, maybe the markings are not very clear, but the case is fitted with a correct M120 primer made by Lone Star.



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I just enlarged it and now I can totally see it! M120 ELEC!

The ELEC M120 primer is also used with the next generation US 105mm APFSDS rounds. After the M735, the M774 APFSDS and the M833 APFSDS also used an ELEC M120 primer in a steel M148A1B1 case. The last adopted US 105mm APFSDS round, the M900, also used a modified ELEC M120 primer. Thinking the primer tube was shortened to accommodate the longer sub-projectile dart.

Its funny, this case/primer configuration was very popular, but of the hundreds of M148A1B1 cases I have seen for sale, almost none have the ELEC M120 primer. I only have one example in my collection and have been on the hunt for 3 more for years. :-) Cant find them.