Unknown Berdan headstamp for help

I wonder the information about the headstamp ,it might be the name of the factory and when it be produced?I need help about the headstamp.

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This is something Russian, Serbian or Bulgarian. Measurements may help.


This is a Russian 10.67x57R (4.2-line rifle cartridge).
Made in 1890 by I think St. Petersburg Arsenal.
FR is the metal supplier and could be France.


Thanks a lot!

Yes, this case is Russian. The headstamp is:
9 + 0 - case was made at St-Petersburg ammo plant in 1890
ФР (FR) - the code of the brass supplier: Общество Франко-русских заводов, бывший Берда (Society of French-Russian plants, former Berd plant), St-Petersburg.
I - the first part of the year (december-march)