Unknown big shell

Brass shell only :
53 x 176 R, Rim diameter : 64 mm
Given on the specialized UK website as :
19 th Century Hotchkiss revolving cannon + Gruson gun ?
The hstp is : FEBR AWS (all attached) 11 1892 AW 37

  1. Is this idenbtification correct ?
  2. What is a Gruson gun
  3. What means AWS
  4. Is it scarce ?

I know nothing about big shells !!
So thank you in advance

  • Yes, the caliber is correct, 53x176R.
  • Gruson is a famous German gun factory near Magdeburg, it was leter bought by Krupp (1893). Your’s here is from the M1887 Kasemattkanone. It was also used by Switzerland, Denmark and Romania
  • AWS means “Artilleriewerkstatt Spandau” - the manufacturer (suburb of Berlin)
  • Not really, they were used in WWI in France and cases are encountered rather often there

Check this (only German language, but try babelfish):