Unknown black powder load and head stamp


If any one could come up with a identification it would be very nice could this W R stand for
Westley Richard?? Here are the Numbers,please disregard the smaller cartridge.
Head 566
Case mouth 531
Rim 660
Case lenght 1772
Over all 2303


Rifle Winchester .50-70 Springfield

You could delete the duplicate photos by editing your post (log on & short pencil in the icons lower right) highlight the photos & push your delete button for each one.


Thanks Pete for the tip you will not believe this I have almost a collection of 50-70 I would never have
recognised this one for one because of the short neck showing however this must be an early loading
Thanks Sherryl


if the case is to short for a .50-70 then it isn’t a .50-70 but something made from a cut-down 50-70 as that is a Winchester contract headstamp used for the .50 -70


The WRA case is still .50-70 length, and it does appear to be a reload. Jack


Thank you fellows after reexamination of this item i agree it is a 50-70 no the primer does not look
like being messed with the bullet yes looks like a reload but only in so far that it is round in comparison
to the others that I have and surly not from yesterday with these things one can never be 100% sure
the case has the same lenght as the others like I mentioned before what puzzelt me was that short neck.
got to make a change in the books thanks


All the big American manufacturers sold factory-primed empty cases. The cartridge might have started out as a NPE.


That neck is likely the result of the bullet seating die having been forced too far down the neck of the case when it was reloaded.