Unknown blank (7,62x39 from Carcano?)


Posting these for a friend.
Got it today, unsure what it can be. The bottom screams Carcano to me, the dimensions look like and resemble a 7,62x39?

Apologies for the terrible pictures… he took them with a mobile phone.

HS = C.A. B-39
OAL = 52,84
Rim = 11,38
Top diameter = 7,8
Rim to shoulder top (approximate) = 34


I have seen these in a few lengths, with different headstamps. They were made in Finland, from surplus Italian Carcano cases.


Correct and there are also movie blanks (I guess made in the US) which do look a bit different in the crimp area.


Ole, these blanks are designated “7,62 l kiv pa p Th” (7,62 lyhyt kiväärin paukkupatruuna, Ternihylsy) and packed in VPT boxes with the notation “Terni-hylsy kunnostetu” (refurbished Terni cases). Regards, Fede.


I can only add that the wax tip seal seems to be original to the Finnish reworks when compared to the other reworked movie “blank” loads out there on the Carcano case…



Thanks a lot, very helpful responses :-)
He feared it was some kind of homemade reenactor blank, but I assumed it might be Finnish… glad it turned out to be.
Thanks again.

  • Ole


I just wanted to remember, to those who do not know, that the originally cartridges were the 7.35 Carcano, not 6.5 Carcano, as was evidenced by the flat primer


Fede, there is a second designation too (lot from 1967 if I am not mistaken):

The designation you gave above is observed on 1966 dated boxes if the last digits in the lot number do give the year.


Finnish-Made Blanks will be restricted to cases coming from M38 7,35 Carcano Ammunition ONLY. Finland did NOT receive any 6,5 calibre ammo or Rifles from Italy. in 1940-44.

If the dates are outside the 1938-39 & 40 range (Known Production years for 7,35 ammo, by both Italian Gov’t Plants, and SMI and ?BPD,) the Blanks are NOT Finnish. All the Finnish-made Blanks will have one of these three years.

Anything else is an “aftermarket” Movie or Re-enactment/Military training manufacture in the USA etc., using mostly 6,5mm cases; ( it is Possible some 7,35 was also “Pulled down” stateside to make Blanks, just as Czech Vz50 7,62x45 was Pulled down to make Ball and Blank 7,62x39 for US Military training. ( Czech bxn and aym headstamps)./)

With-out a Packet to definitely ID it as Finnish, or the actual use of a 1938,39 or 40 dated case, will partly confirm the Finnish Remanufacture. Otherwise, a 5 cent Blank cartridge by “Bubba”.

Doc AV


Thank you Giovanni and EOD for useful information as always.
Doc AV, reading you right, you also think this is Finnish production, right?
Interesting information you come up with, thank you very much for your input.

  • Ole


The photo by tennsats shows the longer style. A shorter one exists too as jonnyc pointed out.
There is even a ball round.
You guys should really get a copy of “Rynnäkkökivääri 7,62x39” by Pauli Salo
It shows a few hundred Finnish 7.62x39 cartridges to keep you occupied!


Eu1, good point!

I’d recomment even both of Pauli Salo’s books.
Here they are (with the kind permit to post images for the purpose of indroducing the books):

“Rynnäkkökivääri 7.62x39” (Assault Rifle 7.62x39) which is also covering the ammunition.
243 pages with 360 images.


“Tarkka-ampuja 1” (Sniper 1) which is also covering Finnish ammunition for sniper rifles.
127 pages with 152 images.

Available from the author:
pauli.salo u[/u] suomi24.fi


Yes, given the Capua-39 date, It is most likely a Finnish Production from 7,35 Cartridge Blank.

Doc AV