Unknown blank

please, does anyone know what it is?
R1-13,0 mm (0,51 inch)
P1-12,2 mm (0,48 inch)
L3-28,0 mm (1,10 inch)
the mouth has an approximate diameter: 11 mm (0,43 inch)
mouth covered with paper cardboard

Thank you

I got new information. It seems to be 45 SW Schofield. I attach a photo from the book. It is the same but it has a benet primer.

What book is that?

Hi Aaron
I am the author. 20 years of work. 1400 pages, approximately 4000-5000 calibers and 8000-10000 color photos.


Hi Jiří,
Is there an ISBN for this book?

I’m sorry, but there is only one (own) copy and it is not on the market or on the web. This book was created only for my own use

Hello Luger,
Who printed and bound your book?
I want to do the same thing.

Hello Brian
I bought a printer with duplex printing and 10kg of glossy paper. And then I printed and printed and printed… many evenings and nights.

I believe your cartridge is a Frankford Arsenal produced Schofield blank using a case rejected for use as a ball round before the headstamp was applied. Since the case appears to be brass it was likely made after the late 1880s. Jack

Hello Luger,
I plan to do something similar with my “book”.
The book binding and cover looks great. Did you do it yourself?