Unknown Brass shotshell headstamp

I need help identifying the following headstamp
Brass Shotshell, 32 ga, UPE, 2 3/4" case length
3Tk at 12 O’Clock
59 at 4 O’Clock
32 at 8 O’Clock The 3 and k are smaller than the T and fit underneath on each side.
I have no idea.
Any help is appreciated.
Bob Ruebel

HI Bob,
I think it is a russian case.
3tK is a russian factory, I am certain somebody else can tell you more.
59 is 1959 and 32 is ofcourse the caliber.

Regards ren

We had the secret possibly disclosed here: iaaforum.org/forum2/viewtopic.ph … hlight=3tk

The link to a past thread is nice, but that thread was very confusing for those of us who don’t read Russian. Perhaps someone could simply tell us the name represented by “3TK” (ZTK) here, on this thread.

SDC wrote it in Latin: “Kharkovsky Zavod Konditsionerov”, or “Kharkov Air-Conditioning Factory” and there was no better source than the cited book. Please excuse!

Hans - my fault, not yours. I did not recognize the name as was looking for a match to the intitials, which of course I would only get in Russian, which I cannot read. I wasn’t even thinking about that! Ich bin ein wunderlicht.

I was surprised too about the mismatching name and initials. I share the doubts that KhZK (cyrillic X3K) appears with the initials 3TK in a headstamp. But KhZK/KhACF may be the name of a state holding company, while 3TK are company initials of a holding part. So the equation KhZK = 3TK may be right and wrong at the same time. But we have no better information than what we can take from the book.
You are right keeping an eye on what comes out of my feather (keyboard), my “quality process” too often fails. Under the line you are much more wunderbar than wunderlich. :)
Have a good day!