Unknown British 30-06 blank

On the left is a standard British L10A1 blank
The one on the right has a different crimp and the cannelure is positioned a bit higher on the case.
This one is headstamped: K61 .30

anybody any ideas


Could be Danish too I think.
Just a different lot?

Maybe, but none of the Danish (grenade) blanks I have, have a cannelure below the crimp

Are you sure it is a grenade blank?

No, I have no idea. Could be “anything”

The grenade blank has a laquer sealing according to the manual.

In Tony Edwards’ database he lists a .30-06 rosette-crimped blank with the same headstamp as yours and describes it as a ‘predecessor to the L10A1’. Unfortunately there is no picture or further information but it could well be your blank.

I know its just the way life is but every week I have something big i need to ask Tony about. Such a loss to me personally and to others as well.
I do miss him so much