Unknown bullet 9 mm Luger

Could someone identify the following two bullets? I think it is the same bullet. On the left before inserting the copper plated steel ball and crimping it, on the right the maybe finished bullet.
The weight of the left is 79,6 gr, the right one weights 89,7 gr.
I think it could be an experimental of S&B for a police bullet???

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These are S&B “KOBRA” loads. At least 3 variants are existing.
One version is without the star crimp to secure the insert.
The left one is missing the insert.
I was told these were only experimental and did not go anywhere.

Here is a loaded round, without the the securing edges on the bullet…
It was shown at the Milipol…with Boxes…Unfortunatelly I havent made a photo from the box…


HS and ammo:

Chris - are your bullets brass or copper? In the photo yours appear to have the color tone of brass. I have the S & B 9 x 19 04 round and the bullet in that round, as is clear in the photo above, is copper.

I know that the lighting of a photo can play games with color tones, but then the bullets you show are not identical to the 2004 Sellier & Bellot offering.

John Moss

John, the two bullets I have are made from copper.
The light while making the pictures wasn`t ideal.


O.K., for those of us who are “colour deficient” [read: at least partially colour blind], how to tell copper from brass other than slight colour/shade/tone differences?
Might not be an easy answer…

Chris - thanks for the clarification. I thought that might be the case. When I was photographing cartridges, I had a lot of trouble with that myself.


Ok, our friend Milos from Slovakia forwarded me these images and gave his ok to show them here.
Actually the insert in the hollow point is a copper plated steel ball.