Unknown bullet - id?

I tried this a couple of years ago but nobody would tell me what it was. So here goes agian, one more time.

22 caliber that I got from an old shooter who is now in heaven. Appears ordinary until you look at the base. Heavily indented and what appears to be a BB, or something like that, swadged into the base. Also appears to be a seperate narrow band at the very base that has been swadged also, maybe to hold the “BB” in place?

All in all, very unusual.



What does the tip look like? It almost looks like a CF round was run through a die & turned over at the mouth. JUST a guess


The tip is an ordinary smooth round point. A FMJ, if you will.

It’s not a primer in the base. It’s a GM or brass ball looking, about .115" in diameter.

i wish I had another one. I’d pull it apart to see what the heck was inside.