Unknown Bullet Question

I was going through an old box of several hundred pulled .30 GI bullets I just ran across, and sorted out ten bullets which were definitely different from the rest. These are FMJ spitzers, boat tailed with a knurled crimping cannelure about 1/4" above the boat tail, and weigh 205-206 grains. The odd thing is that their diameter mikes 0.310"-0.311". I am doubtful that they are US military bullets due to their diameter and weight, so possibly they are Russian or British. Does anyone have a good guess as to what they might be?

How about images?

This is it. I suppose it could be from about any country which used a bullet of that diameter. It appears to have only a lead core, not a tracer.

Just a wild guess: Japanese.

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Type 92 7,7x58SR MG ammo.
Original Reddish varnish extended beyond crimp cannelure ( worn away, leaving untarnished jacket.)
Mass is correct for T92.
Doc AV

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Thanks guys. I was sure someone would recognize it. Have placed them in a marked plastic zip baggie and put them in my (very) meager inventory of Japanese stuff.