Unknown bullets on .38 Super & .40 S&W

Hi guys,

I need some help to identify following bullets/loads.
On the left it is a .38 Super +p. The blacked bullet seems to be a solid copper with a 10,1 mm deep conical hollow point. On the cylindrical outside it looks like a knurling.
In the middle it could be a proof cartridge, because of hs PMP. Is this correct?
The right cartridge maybe has an aluminum jacket and maybe a lead core. The conical hollow point is about 7 mm deep.

Thanks for any help.



You are correct that the PMP round is a proof load, at least according to my sources in RSA.

I can’t help with the others.

John Moss

Thanks John!
I hope someone can identify the other two loads.


Hello again,

below a pic of the unfinished section from the .40 S&W.
It is defitnely an aluminum jacket. In the front of the bullet there is a lead plug which seals the bullet. Behind the plug the bullet is filled up with lead shot.

Has anybody an idea, which is the correct name of this load?

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Chris in my opinion you have a “Core Shot” bullet Made by Buffalo Bullet Compagny ( Whittier, California)

Cheers, Richard

Just from internet:
That’s the impressive story of the Buffalo Bullet from the company which bears this impressive name. But now Dahlitz tells us he has created new projectiles for a number of metallic centerfire calibers known as the “CORE-SHOT” projectile and these ingenious projectiles have yet another special niche in the shooting world.

Basically, the CORE-SHOT projectile is currently manufactured in loaded rounds by the Buffalo Bullet Company for such calibers as the .25 ACP, .32 ACP, 9mm, .38 Special, .380 Auto, .357 Magnum, 10mm, .41 Magnum, .44 Special, .45 ACP and the .223.

Now just what is a CORE-SHOT projectile? Actually, its nose features a deep cavity hollow point for maximum expansion and avoidance of over penetration, while its copper-jacketed inner core contains a number of size 12 shot.

The .38 super is a “CU2” load by American Ballistics. I think I have seen the name “Grand Slam” used as well for these. They mostly show up in 9x19, but I have the same one you show in .38 Super as well, also nickeled case. The black coating is a black oxide coating, the same sort as by other recent brands doing the same thing, such as GBW with the Legend Pro SCHP line. I don’t know what the purple base-coating means from them since they were inconsistent and a-typical with their color-codes as compared to industry standard. These are 1990’s vintage as far as I know.