Unknown cannon cartridge (Berndorf, 1910)

Hi, could anybody help me to identify this cannon shell? It has been in my family for years and I always wanted to know about its origin. I did a google search with the letters written on the bottom “Berndorf 1910” to no avail. Thank you.

It is an Austrian made case.

Made by the factory at Berndorf.
It was part of the “Wöllersdorfer Werke”.

You can run the link through a website translator to get it in English or any other language.

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Can you tell us the caliber and the case length?
Looks Navy!

Very nice Philip and welcome to the forum!

Case length: 58 cm, base width: 9.5 cm. According to my inquiries in other forums I strongly believe it could be a 10 cm round from a Skoda K10 naval gun. Yes, I was told the case is too long for a field gun.

SMS Admiral Spaun. Gun drill.


Thank you :)