Unknown Cartridge - british artillery primer

This is a cartridge that I found on the Somme a few years back. After some research I haven’t managed to find one like it. It is straight walled I believe as it has no neck, it has a large rim that appears to have 4 slits in it at regular intervals. Could have LL or TT on the headstamp but it is not clear. It is roughly 55mm in length but due to the slight bend it’s difficult to measure. The head is 14mm at its widest point but the damage again makes it difficult to tell. The body is 10mm in diameter.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

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This is an artillery primer for separate loading ammunition.

Depending on where you are living and on the markings it may be possible to ID it in detail.

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As he found it at the Somme River, it was found in France…so from the battles there it could be french, british, US…you name it…

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A friend who is specialized in these devices thinks the attached one below is the one we see here.
A British MK8.

primer tube