Unknown cartridge case(s)

Hi there ! and…HAPPY NEW YEAR ! ;-)

I found few (fired) cartridge cases (almost in the same place) that I didn’t see until now. I tried to find info about this type/kind of “round” but… ;-(

The caliber is…aprox. 7.55x53.35(37) mm .

  • 12 o’clock : EFK (?!?) - I’m not so sure about those letters, mainly “F”…
  • 3 o’clock : apparently a M letter but I think it’s about the “Σ” (sigma) letter from the greek alphabet
  • 6 o’clock : 1935 (or 1936 on 1 or two of them)
  • 9 o’clock : E

-Note that dent “placed” randomly on the “head” (on every single cartridge case) .

Any info/ID about…? Thank you !

Greece. (I think ελληνικό στρατό-Greek army).According you measurements, I woud say Belgian Mauser (7,65 x 53). But it looks a 7,92 x 57 to me. I leave the exact meaning of the headstamp to the specialists…

Dirk, this appears to be a 6.5mm Greek Mannlicher.

Well…I didn’t like the neck, Alex. But my reaction was just an impulsive first impression…Yes, Greek Mannlicher-Schoenauer in 6,5 x 54 sounds much better…

E Sigma Ellenikos Stratos Greek Army.
EPK Cartridge Factory Logo…PYRKAL, or Cartoucherie
Et Poudrerie Ellenique ( name in French for Non Greeks) of Piraeus. FOUNDED 1874. (See Wiki, PYRKAL)

The case has been fired from an MG with a fixed ejector…probably a Madsen or a Hotchkiss LMG.

Where was it found???

Doc AV

Thank you guys .

I found them in the same area/zone where I found many of the previous WW2 relics… it’s about a former WW2 - Eastern Front fight zone…(mainly august 1944…) axis (romanians and germans) vs red army (soviets) .
Looking at the “pin dent”…I would say…these rounds have been fired by a rifle (maybe too many rounds for a rifle…? “around them” I found no ammo stripper clip…), BUT…

  • 7.55 (neck diameter)x53.35 (the length of the case)

…Few months ago I found (at 200-300 m distance…!) a long curved magazine that could be from a Madsen (most likely) or Hotchkiss LMG (?!?), BUT…

The ejector mark speaks much for an automatic weapon.
I do not know of any semi-auto rifles chambered in this caliber so it is most likely as Doc said - the case was fired from a machine gun.

This cartridge was not fired in a Madsen MG. That mechanism has a combined extractor/ejector. The empty case is drawn out and flipped downwards from the chamber. There is no separate ejector that strikes the base of the case as in most other weapons.

So, the “ejector mark” could “indicate” a…Hotchkiss LMG ?!?
Or maybe other mg…?

A (greek) 6.5×53mmR ? Hm, isn’t that cartridge a rimmed type one…? “My” round is a rimless type one… !

Not that I know of:

So…this cartridge (6,5x54mm) has been fired from…WHICH mg ??

The Greek 6.5 m/m is a rimless cartridge. In showing pictures for identification it is best to show subject at right angles to the lens, otherwise the proportions will appear distorted. Jack

…Or maybe Schwarzlose machine gun ?!?

The Greeks did use the Schwarzlose in that caliber. Jack