Unknown cartridge casing

I found this casing at a former Soviet avia base in Lithuania. There are no markings on the casing . I did not find any information on Municion.org , dimensions on the photo:

Heavy, weighs 25 gr.
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It is a Russian PPL electric primed cartridge. Check this previous discussion: Unknown to me, possible blank?



Thanks Fede .


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Nice photos.


What is an electric primer and how does it work? It looks like it still has a firing pin indent, so does it have an anvil and pressure sensitive powder?

The primer mix is set off by an electric impulse. In the thread linked by Fede you can see in the first photo that the central metallic disc of the primer clearly is surrounded by a gap filled with insulating material. The “firing pin” is in contact with the primer, but only to transmit the electrical current.
Mostly used in aircraft guns and tank cannons.

And not to forget that even electric primers need to hit the central contact in order to make propper contact and “pierce” a possible surface layer of oxide. This is the reason why electric primers often are quite pointed.