Unknown cartridge clips

Please help me to identify this cartridge clips. I have no idea whose this clips, for what country and for what cartridges.

I hope to have a book finished this summer on the subject of clips and chargers. A very specialized field.

treshkin, did you check it for 7x57?

Treshkin - I have a D.M. clip that looks identical to yours and measures 60.58mm long and 13.25mm in width. It measures 4.18mm in depth, another important measurement. This clip is for the 7.65 x 54mm Belgian/Argentine Mauser cartridge. I don’t know how close they held tolerances, but it would seem to be pretty close to the one you show on the left.

The one on the right is a little more difficult. I think it probably is for 7.92 x 57mm Mauser, but I don’t have an identical clip to measure. I gave up the stripper clip part of my collection to a better collection of them some years ago, and only have a few odds and ends I took from my stock of clips I use with my K98k rifle. A typical measurement I get from these few clips is one by DWM. 57.39mm in length, 13.61mm in width and 4.34mm in depth.
As you know, the 7.9mm clips came with either two bumps on each side or three, although the latter is far more prevelant.

I cannot represent either as a positive identification, but my feeling is that they are for the 7.65 Mauser and 8mm Mauser respectively.

Thanks for your comments, John!

I tested this clips with round and they was proper for 7,92x57, 7x57 and 7,65x54 Mausers, but was found a little big for 6,5x52 Carcano and 6,5x54 Mannlicher-Shoenauer cartridges.

Clip 1 is, as John said, for the Mauser rifles models of 1889, 1890, and 1891, as well as some 1898 types, like the Argentine model of 1909. These rifles were all in 7.65mm, but dimensionally the 7mm and 7.9mm cartridges will also fit. Since the 1904 DWM catalog shows the early version of the clip without the strengthening ribs on the spine this clip is presumably of post-1904 manufacture. The small holes at each end of the spring were apparently for fixturing or indexing purposes during manufacture and seem to disappear before World War One. Thus guessing a manufacture date of “about 1910” is probably pretty close to correct. JG

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Good deal ! Thank you.

I would love to see the draft chapter on of the 7.62x51mm NATO chargers, maybe I can be of some assistance to it?

Anyway put me down for a copy of the book once it’s printed… PayPal ok? :-D

[quote=“treshkin”]Please help me to identify this cartridge clips. I have no idea whose this clips, for what country and for what cartridges.



I checked my own collection and files and then consulted John Elphick who knows more about Mauser style chargers than anyone else I know. We have agreed on the identification of your chargers – they both have Argentine connections.

  1. is the M.09 charger to load 7.65x54 cartridges into the Argentine Mauser rifle. DWM supplied a lot of this ammunition to Argentina during the early years of the 20th century.

  2. is the charger supplied by FN to load 7.65x54 ammo in the version of the M.49 SAFN self-loading rifle supplied to Argentina by Belgium after WW2.

The versions of the SAFN used by Belgium and most other countries were chambered for .30.06, but those sold to Egypt used 7.92x57 cartridges, loaded by a special Mauser M.98-type charger with an asymmetrically placed centre sidewall lug.

I hope that this helps.