Unknown cartridge made from .38 Special brass

Right, another unknown.

.38 Special brass, trimmed to about 21.5mm-22mm. Necked down to about 8mm with a 4mm neck. The rim diameter appears to have been turned down (No chamfer, sharp edge, evidence of tool marks) to 10-ish mm. OAL 32ish mm.

Photo to follow.

Sorry again about the “about” and “-ish” measurements.


It could well be a 8 mm Nambu.

I also have a Nambu round made from 38 Special brass.

Agree, lacking picture, probably Nambu. It was common to use .38 Special to form Nambu cases in the day. They didn’t last long, many failed on first firing. The sixth edition of Handloader’s Digest has a fairly extensive treatment of how Nambu cases were formed and loaded in the post-war era for the WWII souvenirs. I have some experience in making and loading Nambu cases, which was not too successful.