Unknown cartridge...need ID/info

Here is a cartridge case (in fact…two…but almost identic…‘except’ the headstamp maybe…) that…I didn’t see until now…maybe for hunting (something like 9.3x72 Sauer…?!?)…could it be ‘related’ to WW2 ?

Any INFO (ID)…?

Thank you !

Interesting item. It looks like a vent tube or igniter cartridge for bag charges and CF may indicate French manufacture?? I have not seen one of these but another possibility is a primer that was removed from an artillery case? I await the expert opinions.

I have a similar, but shorter one (without headstamps). I don’t know what is that either.

Both examples are French Model 1897 primer tubes for artillery cases of 47, 65, 75, 150, 155, and 240 mm. Top example is a pre-1915 model (68 mm long) and bottom example is the variant adopted in 1915 (50 mm long).



Thank you very much.

Mine one(s)…I thought is a…405 Winchester cartridge case…but…that primer…?!? ;-)

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