Unknown cartridge, possibly experimental

one of my peers sent me images of the unknown round he has in his possession. I have no idea what it is. Maybe one of local experts can enlighten us about this curiosity?

Looks like the “giraffe” wildcat posted by Ray some day ago.

The stepped neck allows you to adapt the same basic case to different bullet diameters, just cutting the neck at the right “step”

That is a novelty wildcat of some sort. Something similar to the 10,9,8,7,6mm express cartridge shown in this thread:

Hmmmm. I smell a Patent infringement lawsuit. Are there any good cartridge- joke lawyers out there? ;-) ;-)

Seriously, mine are simply joke cartridges that I would carry with me to shooting matches to show to new shooters and watch their reaction. But, believe it or don’t, there are actually several of the double and triple shoulder cartridges that are real. I wrote a JOURNAL article some years back where I showed one that a guy used in a few Benchrest matches (he didn’t win anything) to the amazement of most other shooters. And, here are two of the best known, the Ackley Double Shoulder Magnum, and the 7x66 Vom Hoffe that was the subject of a recent thread.


Perhaps Ray can ID these DN (I can’t remember it’s names offhand)

(The Ackley has already been ID’ed)

Herters made two double shoulder cartridges so some one did the development and then it was used by Herters, the marketing was not that great so the cartridge never made it big. In one of his books he describes using the cartridge to hunt jaguar. .247 Herters missile and .247 Herters Ram I had a person duplicate the cartridge. Vic

Bob - Vic

Are the Herter’s cartridges either of the cartridges shown by Bob?? I don’t collect the wildcats anymore and have sold a big part of my collection so I don’t have my specemins to compare with the photos.

I know there was one called the TNT (Triple Neck Terror) but I think it was a joke cartridge. Another was the 224 Hansell which I think was real. The Benchrest cartridge that I referred to was named the 22 DSH (Double SHoulder). I may have photos of these somewhere but I’d have to search for them.


hard to tell the .247 missile was built off the 300 win mag so it is belted. the .247 ram is built off of the 30-06 so it could be the one on the right in the bottom picture? The TNT is a joke cartridge Vic

Here is a drawing of the chamber reamer for the .224 Hansell L.R.V.T. (Long Range Varmint Thumper?) I found somewhere on the 'net when Tailgunner showed that one before.

Likely a similar cartridge could be made to put to use all those M82 Blanks everyone has laying around…

As Ray indicates, such cartridges are probably most useful for turning heads and starting conversations rather than yielding any real ballistic advantages.


Vic, Ray & Dave
Thanks for the memory jog (all my references/information is 160 miles away), the belted was sold to me as a Herters, and the -06 based one is a 224 Hansell (I’ve conversed a little with Mr Hansell about it, after he spotted that photo on another forum).

(The Ackley has already been ID’ed)[/quote]The double shoulder cartridge has been shown in at least one magazine and identified as a U. S. 7.62x51 NATO blank cartridge; the end of the case was trimmed and inside reamed to allow seating of a .22 caliber bullet. (You’ll all forgive me, but I do not know if that is a .224", .227" or .228" diameter bullet.) The example I saw some years ago did not have a moly coated bullet.

In my experience it is considered a gag with a minority opinion that somebody actually chambered a rifle for one of these (Lord knows why).