Unknown Cartridge Staked Primer

Does anyone recognize this cartridge? The bullet is a silver color in person. The other cartridge for reference is a .357.

Looks like a 6.5mm Japanese Arisaka ball.

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6.5x50SR Type 38 ( model.1905) standard Japanese Infantry rifle and MG round from 1905 to 1945.
Typical cartridge…no headstamp, berdan corrosive primer( 0.199"/ 5.0mm Diameter) 139 grain cupronickel jacketed lead core bullet, about 31 grains B or S powder, three stab primer crimp most common.
Japanese Army and Army Airforce ammo Identified by
Packet label only. Japanese Navy used headstamps on
Its Naval Air and shipboard MGs, but used army supplied ammo for Imperial Marines.

6.5 J ammo made by Britain (WWI) and by China up to 1950s was nearly all headstamped. Also Japanese post war supply to Burma.

Doc AV

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Thank you both very much for the help! The bullet has already been pulled and had the powder dumped. This was in the same bag as the .38 and .357 shells I found.

I think I’m going to hang on to this one for sure.