Unknown cartridge with open bottom

Hello everyone,

Does anybody have a clue what this cartridge is? If it is a cartridge at all…

Length: 31 mm
Diameter: 7 mm
The .223 is for comparison.
The top and bottom are open and sealed with some kind of lacquer. It’s not mine so I don’t have any more information.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Hello Thijs,

Your cartridge is a "blowpipe"or “Sarbacane” 7 mm firework cartridge.
Patent Gunter & Co.

There was a great artikel in the IAA journal 454 about this subject.

If you like I can take some examples of simular cartridges to Landhorst next weekend, so you can compare with your cartridge.


Richard GM

Thanks for the answer, Richard! The cartridge is not mine, it was a question from another forum and I simply reposted the information and pictures here. However, I would like to see such a cartridge in real so I would be pleased if you could take an example to Landhorst next sunday.