Unknown cartridge


Bought a cartridge at a gun show Saturday. 6.5 x 52, semi-rimmed, head stamped TW 45. Any ideas?






My camera isn’t available to me right now but the cartridge looks identical to an Italian Carcano 6.5 x 52 only the one in question is semi-rimmed, not rimless. That any help?


6.5x53.5 SR Daudeteau / 6.5 Daudeteau French Navy Rifle??
6.5x51 SR Arisaka ?

TW could be Twin Cities Ordnance Plant, Minneapolis, MN


This has got me scratching my head! I know it’s Twin Cities manufactured. 6.5mm bullet diameter, maybe 51mm cartridge length, semi-rimmed, 74mm overall length. steel bullet. Would they have made cartridges for any other nation in 1945, like Japan??? Tom from MN


Back in the day, to make ammunition not available in the US, folks sometimes used cases like military Cal. .30 as a starting point. I once had a case, (cannot remember the caliber), rimmed, where the rim was lathe turned and then swaged onto the base of a Frankford Arsenal .30-06 case.



Thank you Randy! I am one of those people that believe Americans are the most inventive types there are.Your probably right about that “used” case. Tom from MN