Unknown cartridge

So I know from the headstamp that it’s lake City, just cant quite get the caliber

Maybe a .300 Whisper.

Lake City and a .300 Whisper? Please can you show us the headstamp? There’s on this Forum more information(a lot of!) about the headstamps of the blackout: .300 AAC Blackout headstamp list

So the headstamp only has LC 16 and then the nato cross

An LC 16 fired case, reformed into a .300 Whisper. Still a common procedure that takes time but sure saves money…

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Awesome, thank you

Lake City '16 with a steel case?

Yes, and if you do not anneal the case properly, I am told you may have 50~60% split cases when you re-size.

Personally, I see no reason for the fascination/fanaticism shooters have for that cartridge…

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That’s not steel, but corroded brass