Unknown cartridge

Recently new found,primer with a “pin”,found in Shandong province.

Here is Another one shared by a Chinese collector.Found in Yunnan province.

Could this be a shotshell then?

The dimensions are close to

  1. 14mm Wänzl Centralfire (The CF version was given Roth case #177 and was shown in the c1910 Roth catalogue)

and as EOD mentioned a shotshell, as the primer can be pushed out, by a “Pin”

  1. 28Gauge short shot case 1 1/4", DWM Nr 222, in Lorenz Catalogue 1878
    which maybe is (also) the civilian version of the 14mm Wänzl, as dims are very close and could be both.
    A verified 28 Gauge shotshell in this lenght, I havent seen yet…


Dixon A71 - This is the centerfire version of the original 14 mm Wänzel Rimfire (Roth case #1) of 1867. Converted rifles were commercially used for Target purposes.