Unknown cartridge

Hi every one
Please help me for identify above cartridge.

It seems blank cartridge and mybe 7.62

I have more information about them

Thanks alot

This is a Norwegian 7,62x63 mm (.30-06) blank cartridge made by Bakelittfabrikken for use in M1 Garand rifles, several US MGs and also re-barreled Mauser K98k rifles. Time of use was approximately from the middle of the 1950’s to the 1970’s.

You mean red one?
How about blue one?

Thanks for your answer
Can you give me more information ?

The blue one seems 7.62 ×51
I think it is for anti riot operation
Is it correct?

The blue is a 7,62x51 short range for training.

Yes the red one is 7,62x63 mm. As rigby said, the blue one is a short range (about 25 m) training cartridge. It is definitely not made for riot controll, but sometimes people believe that plastic bullets are more or less harmless. At short range they are deadly! Although blue plastic short range cartridges were developed and manufactured in Norway, the example shown here is not Norwegian made, possibly German made.

Thanks for your usefull information

Is the blue one cartridge for using in G3 need a specific bolt?
For firing

Yes, here in Norway we had special bolts which enabled us to fire the blue plastic short range cartridges in our G3 rifles. The bolts lacked locking rollers. Our cartridges had the same rim diameter as ball rounds, so there was always the possibility that someone fired a ball round with the special bolt, but I never heard of this happening. Other countries prevented this from happening by having a reduced rim diameter and corresponing smaller bolt face diameter in the special bolt.

Thanks alot for your helping

Are there other types of blue plastic cartridges for 7.62x51 NATO rifles?

A few years back, I was range safety officer when a young man showed up with an ammunition can full of blue plastic cartridges. They were fired on our 100 yard range. I was amazed when bullets from the plastic cartridges proved accurate at 100 yards. Firing carefully, using a bolt action rifle, the bullet holes from 10 shots could be covered with 2 hands.

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