Unknown cartridge

What is your opinion about this cartridge?
Calibre and type

I think it is hand making


Bullet cone is crooked and the extraction groove is “wrong”.
Toy or homemade mockup???

these cartridges are made from 8mmK or 9mm PAK blank cartridges by cutting the rounded portion of the case and fitted with homemade “bullet” without knowing of reloading specifies
these are for “modified” blank firing guns (illegal)
these guns are highly dangerous for the shooter

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Yaserdoma, what is the diameter of the case head and the case length?

I dont have access because I got from some one else.

How about this one?

This looks like 6.35 Browning ( .25 ACP).
Do you have the headstamp too?

I think that it is 7.62 mm russian

no the last picture is well 6.35 browning (25 acp)

Which Russian cartridge would that be?

Makarov and tokarov

For sure I know they are different.

I checked them
Tokarov is 7.62× 25 and not similar above cartridge