Unknown cartridge

Hi every one
Please help me to identify this cartridge.



9x18 Makarov, no?
Measure the CASE length, not only the CARTRIDGE length. It is infinitely more useful as the case length will always be within a certain length, while cartridge length changes depending on the load…


This is definitely 9 x 18 mm Makarov. The bottom figure (“73” or “75” - I cannot be sure of which from the picture) is the date of the manufacture of the case, and likely also the loading date. It was made by the Yuryuzan Ammunition Factory, in Russia, using the manufacturer’s code “38” who was the sole manufacturer of this cartridge in the USSR from a point in 1956 through 1989, and made it every single year from 1956 - 1989. There is some recently, only recently discussed, that the made this caliber prior to 1956, concurrent with the factory at Lugansk Ammunition Factory in Ukraine, who made this cartridge from 1953 until 1956 using the manufacturer’s code of “270.”

john Moss

Thanks alot for tennsats and JohnMoss information.
Your information were very usefull.