Unknown cartridge

What is this, between the 577/450 and 476? Base the same as 577 and 476, but case 55mm long.
Case mouth and bullet too damaged for accurate diameter.

Here the unknown cartridge is between a No.1 and 2 Musket

Did you compare it to a Comblain case?

Head diameter is much larger than that of the Comblain

May you give us the exact diameter of RIM and the head-diameter directly above the rim?
All other things are guessing…so only with this data maybe a identification is possible.
Please give diameter -if possible- in mm, like 11,30mm/10,55 as example…

Rim diameter: 18.80 to 18.85mm
Rim thickness: 1.75mm (may be little less when cleaned)
Head directly above rim: 17.00mm (actual diameter may be less when it is cleaned properly)
3mm Above rim: 16.55mm
Shoulder height: 46mm
Total shell height: 55mm
Other measurements not possible due to damage

A picture of the HS may help. Is it marked?
It seems a 8x50 Lebel incredibly enlarged!

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No headstamp. Head looks the same as unmarked 577 Snider and 577/450 Martini Henri.
It’s in the tumbler right now. I’ll post photo tomorrow

More accurate dimensions after cleaning
Rim thickness: 1.55mm
Diameter directly above rim: 16.60mm

Still unidentified?

Nothing fits exactly your data…

Base and Rimdiameters fits (except all the 577/450 MHs) only to 45-70 WhatsCheer (except shoulder) but which it is surently not , or the Türkish Martini-Henry, which also has same dims -rim and base-, but a shoulder much deeper…But caselenght and rim and base are the same…
So, maybe a derivat from this, as shoulder of the turkish one, is about at 40mm, yours at 46 and very steep…

sorry, no more data…