Unknown cartridge

See photos of 2 empty cases I have found. They are head stamped “H.UTENDOERFFER-NIERNBER”. Note it is not marked NUERNBERG. Dimentions - Case Length: 1.575" Base Diameter: 0.495" to 0.500" Rim Diameter: 0.683" Neck Diameter: 0.410" Shoulder Diameter: 0.480" Inside Neck Diameter: 0.393". I did a search in archieves with no luck. Pictured next to it is a 30-06 cartridge for scale purposes. Any ideas to what I have here?

I cannot help identify your cartridge - out of my field - but I don’t understand your comment about it not being “Nuernberg” but rather “Niernber.” In the photo you supplied there is clearly a “g” on the end of the word in question. The bottom of the “u” runs of the edge of the head a little, but you can see it. The only odd thing I see is that the “ue” seems to have been turned into a dipthong such as the "

Have the cases had the primer pocket drilled out? Or is the photo too dark to see the pocket?

It was common practice among Schuetzen shooters to load the bullet seperately into the rifleing, followed by a case charged with powder. To do this they made special “seating” cases that would hold the bullet loosely. This was inserted into the chamber, a wood or brass rod inserted into the open end, and the bullet pushed into the rifleing. The special case was then withdrawn. Many of the old Schuetzen cartridges were short-fat affairs like the one shown.

I’m only mentioning this because of the appearance of the primer pocket. I’m probably way off base.


OPPS forgot the “g”. I have 2 of these cases and under magnafication it appears to be an IE OR IF after the N. However the I is very close to the E. Closer than any other letters to each other.

Hello Ray thanks for chiming in. No the primer pocket has not been drilled out. It is typical Berdan primer pocket with two flash holes and raised anvil.

This appears to be a 9.75x40.5R W

WBD thank you for your assesment. I have had these cases for at least 40 years without knowing what they were. And you are correct about the rim diameter, it is actually .583" not .683" as I stated. My only excuse is I have VERY large hands and can actully hit 3 keys at the same time. I need to proof read better in the future. Thanks again to all.