Unknown cartridges

It IS slightly shorter, Jack.

It is the length of an 8mm Mauser, or I have found 3 of those in completely different areas of each other.
Just to clarify.

O.K., guys, gimme’ a break on spelling. I have to type with one questionable, and one bad, hand, and sometimes my dislexya kicks in, too.
smile OOPS
But at least you knew what plant I was making reference to!


This topic of 8mm Mauser/8mm MS, 9mm Mauser/9mm MS by WRA and REM-UMC has come up before. This 8mm WRA CO case was intended for both 8mm - see

Just remember that we are laughing with you, not at you!

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Maybe these two cartridges were just mistakes some handloader made ???

No, the smaller one, me and a buddy both got one from a gunshow.
The other, a Vet owns(I am not 100% sure) a gun for it.(Got 2 of the cases from him.

Yea? Not any harder than I am, after I read some of the things I post. I can rither look at the keys as I type, and still make mistakes, or it looks like vnbx jsdig n dfj! ;-)

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Either. When you miss a keyboard key, it is likely a letter to the right or to the left.

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Some us type the “Columbus Method”. I find a key and then land on it 🤨


Or the oops way: dog or cat walks across the keyboard

… or above, or below, in my case…

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