Unknown cartrige markings


lately I was in Slovenian mountains (mount Rombon). This mountain is known to be on the main alpine front during the First World War, hundred years ago, between 1915 to 1917.

I was lucky and I have found one unused cartrige with a bullet in mint condition. For safety reasons we have emptied the gunpowder and now we are wondering what is the meaning of the markings.

We are not experts in weapons or ammunition at all… So I would be really pleased if somebody can give me some information about this find.

Sorry for my broken english and thans for response!

And the profile picture of the bullet… Forum let’s me upload only one picture…

I think this is a German 7,9x57 rifle round made by Spandau (suburb of Berlin) arsenal in 1912, the 2nd “S” indicates “brass” the metal of the cartridge, 14 must be a lot number for that year. Did you find it under ground or it was on the surface?

Thanks for this information. It’s nice to get conformation, that this was part of WWI.

I found it bellow the rock on about 2.100m… even 100 hundred years later, there is still a lot of war remnants, you just need to go 50m away from marked track or even better, use old army supply routes. Some friends are locals, so they know the unmarked paths.

All together we found 10 bullets (5 unused and 5 cartridge only), but most of them are in a bad condition with unreadable markings. This is the only bullet in this condition.

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The cartridge is a patrone 7.9 M 88, for the Komission Gewehr 1888 rifle, the predecessor of the standard German rifle in WWI, the Gewehr 98. The round nosed bullet cartridge was still being made for German troops with a loading clip which held five rounds.
The Austro Hungarian army also Adopted the Gew 88 in
1913 using both Austrian and German made cartridges.

As to the Lot and Year dates, I suspect that they are1914, lot 12.
German troops assisted the Austro Hungarians against Italy on the Carso Front (Isonzo/ Sochi river) around
Caporetto/Kobarid in October December 1917.

Last August I was in Most na Soci and Baca ni medriju and Rieka Baca all the way to Prdebdu( Sp?) / Piedicolle. An area much fought over in 1944-45.

Remains of both WWI and WWII battles and fortifications still remain in this whole area.

You will probably find Austrian M93 cartridges and Italian M91 cartridges in the area as well.

Doc AV

Thanks for replies!

Doc, as you already mentioned, the area still has a lot of war remains, forts and fotrifications. In the area around Isonzo (Slovenian: Soča) river you can find remains on every corner. This is a nice area for getting know the history of fights in the mountains in both world wars.

Thanks for all information regarding the bullet, I appriciate it!