Unknown case?

I have been metal detecting for many years and found this tube on a beach which was a live firing range before the first world war and used until the end of the second world war. Lots of different cases have been found, i dont know if this is a case or not, what do you think?..thanks …paul

I am not into this type of cartridge, if that is what it is. However, for proper identification, there are important elements your pictures don’t show.

The base of the cartridge case, showing the shape of the rim and the extractor groove, if any. The base is shown in the case-length picture, but it is hard to see the shape.

The head of the cartridge, showing the prmer, if any, and the headstamp, if any. If there is no primer or primer pocket, in may not be a cartridge. That feature or lack there of, not shown here, would be fairly definitive about that.

My first thought was an 8x57 Mauser round fired and blown out in a .30-06 chamber, but I’m not sure of that’s possible. We really need the pics/info that John mentioned.

Hi guys… its just a tube, both ends are open so no headstamp…